About the BSN


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Why Do RNs Choose a BSN?

You need your bachelor’s in nursing to satisfy updated requirements for today’s nurses. You deserve a BSN that can offer a personalized path and lead to advancement. That’s what we strive to offer at ADU. When you join us, you can earn an online BSN that helps you become a part of something bigger.


A young patient receives care from an experienced online BSN graduate

"Adventist University provided the catalyst for my subsequent degrees — culminating with a Ph.D. in nursing science."

— Pamela J. Embler, online BSN graduate


Our bachelor’s in nursing curriculum ties in with the work you’re doing in patient care right now. It’s a relevant degree that is now a necessity for one powerful reason: More BSN-credentialed nurses in the field will continue to prompt more health systems to expect a higher caliber of expertise in nursing services overall.

It can provide the necessary foundation that eases your career transition from nurse to nurse leader. It can also be a pivotal stepping stone before you earn your MSN in the future. ADU’s online RN to BSN helps you to never miss a beat in your nursing career.