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Student Story

At ADU, we’re devoted to training nurses who advocate for superior care through strong leadership and stronger values. Ready to see the ADU influence in action? Let online bachelor’s in nursing graduate Suzanne Meszaros’ story inspire the next step in your nursing career.

Suzanne Meszaros, Online BSN Graduate

On the day we interviewed Suzanne Meszaros, she was very excited. It was her graduation day and she’d been waiting for this moment since she applied to ADU in 2012.

“I chose to enroll in ADU’s online BSN in Florida because I had many friends who were attending through the Florida Hospital College,” Suzanne said. “I was working with them, and they kept saying what a great opportunity it was. So I talked to my boss at the time, and she recommended that I try and get the Florida Hospital to pay for the program. It was really great. I applied for the program and was accepted, and I started in 2012.”

As an assistant nurse manager, she knew she needed an RN to BSN to fulfill her hospital’s new requirements. What she didn’t know was how personally rewarding she’d find the process of earning her online BSN.

“The most memorable event at ADU was doing my service learning project because I was able to take what I learned in class and take it to the community where I live and serve,” Suzanne said. “For my service learning project, I worked with Boy Scouts. In another class, I had a project where I worked with a group of elderly people from my church. Teaching new people safety and how to take their medicines correctly, that was really important to me, learning how to reach out to the community.”

Inspired by her co-workers, she dove into the online program — despite a 30-year lag between her original nursing diploma and this one. She found the support she needed and struck a balance between her competing responsibilities.

“I set up a personal office, and everyone knew when mom was in her office not to disturb her, unless it was a crisis,” Suzanne said. “I also got a hotspot on my phone and downloaded apps. They helped me stay in touch with school and check emails on my phone. All of those things helped give me extra time.”

Now, Suzanne is motivated to use her online BSN degree to go further.

“My BSN is going to allow me to advance in my present career if I wanted to,” Suzanne said. “I could go and become a manager or move into a position that requires a BSN. I think ADU has given me a lot of confidence that I can do anything I want. It has really given me the confidence to go back to school, and I will be starting my master’s in October.”