Beyond your role as an RN, explore popular BSN jobs


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Demand for nurses is growing. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects more than 400,000 new jobs to open from 2014 to 2024 for registered nurses. Your nursing career can grow, too. Turn to ADU for the knowledge and skills to empower your perspective and help you advance. It’s your mission. Here at ADU, you’ll find that we’re behind you 100%.

What Can I Do with a BSN?

Director of Nursing
Median Salary: $94,500*

Online BSN can prepare graduates to work as a Director of Nursing.

If you’re drawn to an operational role, consider your future as a director of nursing. This role is closely tied to training nurses, so it’s ideal for RNs who seek to move beyond patient care and into an education or administrative position. It also requires a keen sense of current healthcare laws, so it’s important to strengthen your knowledge of policy as well.

Nurse Manager
Median Salary: $81,132*

Online BSN can prepare graduates to work as a Nurse Manager.

For RNs who aspire to BSN jobs tied to a supervisor role, you can build management skills to advance to the nurse manager position. It requires greater knowledge of policy, standards, and regulations, but does not remove you completely from the familiar settings devoted to patient care. As nurse manager, you would have duties like hiring nurses, creating schedules, conducting nurse reviews, and more.

Clinical Educator
Median Salary: $70,767*

Online BSN can prepare graduates to work as a Clinical Educator.

If healthcare needs more nurses, it also needs more nurses who can train them. By becoming a clinical educator, you can help educate and strengthen health systems by teaching nurses, healthcare workers, patients, insurance providers, or other stakeholders. Clinical educators typically work in healthcare settings or within specialized education.

Online BSN graduate enjoys more confidence in her career.

"Upon completion, I was able to obtain the position I was hoping for when I started the program. I recommend this program all the time to anyone seeking a career in nursing." — Barbara Davenport, online BSN graduate

How Can a BSN Help RNs Advance?

Find your answer to the common question, “What jobs can you get with a BSN degree?

"In the end, having your BSN not only gives you an advantage in the workforce, but also broadens your knowledge about your profession and how to become a more effective and successful nurse."
— Donna Manchery, online BSN graduate

1 in 3 ADU graduates said our online BSN helped them move into a management role.**

Your RN career begins at the patient’s bedside, but it can go much further. At ADU, you can learn skills to help you become more competitive for a range of BSN jobs that increasingly require the degree. It’s not just a box to check on your resume, it’s also your chance to increase your salary, qualify for a promotion, enhance your knowledge, and connect to more nurses who share your values. It’s the first step to help you advance.

With our RN to BSN degree, you can:

70% of our online BSN grads say earning their degree helped them increase their salary.** 

Learn more about how our bachelor's in nursing can help support your career goals:

*Salary projections according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015)
**BSN graduate survey (2016)