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5 Marketing Trends in Healthcare Communication

Healthcare experts use the term “technological upheaval” to describe the current trend of how digital innovation is reshaping the medical landscape, along with other disciplines. [1] This radical transformation cost healthcare organizations $3.2 trillion in 2015 alone, equating to $9,990 for each citizen living in the United States. The nation’s healthcare administrators hope that this […]

7 Skills Every Health Administrator Should Possess

Contemporary healthcare administrators possess leadership skills on par with today’s complex medical environments. Organizations expect executives to produce measurable, effective outcomes. Duly, academic institutions now teach prospective healthcare leaders about the competencies required for effective leadership, which encompass best practices validated by the latest empirical evidence. The intricate nature of healthcare organizations and constantly evolving […]

The Role of 3D Bioprinting in 2017

Image source: 3D bioprinting is revolutionizing healthcare. [1] The technology has existed since 1984. However, advancements in the field have recently garnered significant attention. 3D bioprinted medical devices are relatively inexpensive compared to devices that engineers construct using traditional methods, which has health professionals excited. The following are some innovations that 3D bioprinting technologies […]