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Advancing smart leaders is essential to evolving healthcare. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that healthcare practitioners and support workers will be the two fastest growing occupations between 2014 and 2024 — with 2.3 million jobs created. A growing workforce and a swelling market create a greater need for leadership now.

ADU’s response? Our online Executive Master of Healthcare Administration.

It’s designed to help experienced healthcare administrators develop into modern, effective leaders in the expanding healthcare market — and it’s a degree that employers increasingly require. It’s also an accelerated way to prepare for an array of important roles charged with overseeing healthcare’s future.

Potential Jobs in Healthcare Management

Financial Manager
Median Salary: $115,320*

Today’s expanding market demands more skilled leadership in health management jobs. Learn to finance major changes and forecast future needs with confidence. Your online executive master of health administration courses in advanced managerial finance and accounting, strategic leadership, and healthcare informatics can offer an improved foundation and informed vision.

Chief Executive Officer
Median Salary: $102,750*

CEO turnover in health systems is a growing problem. That’s why it’s essential to install stronger leadership without delay. If you aspire to healthcare manager jobs where you can make executive decisions, your online EMHA can be a turning point in your career. It can teach you to define goals, lead initiatives, and drive important developments to swiftly respond to evolving trends and policy.

Nurse Manager
Median Salary: $92,810*

Nurses form an essential core of care in today’s health systems. For RNs advancing through supervisory roles, this position requires knowledge of operations, successful communication strategies, and a higher degree of executive collaboration. Your online Executive MHA can prepare you to lead nursing staffs by teaching you business skills framed by healthcare settings.

* U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

How Can an Executive MHA Help You Advance to Top Healthcare Management Jobs?

Our executive master’s in healthcare administration helps sharpen and strengthen your focus. It’s a degree meant for managers who want to do more — whether that’s improving in your current work, seeking a promotion, or meeting requirements for a new role. Courses show how to conceptualize, analyze, and apply vital concepts to manage multifaceted health systems.

Executive MHA graduates learn advanced leadership skills to help: