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Sonography is a vital part of modern healthcare. That’s why demand for sonographers is up. It’s also why it’s time for you to do your own projections about what the future has in store for you.

Jobs for sonographers are expected to grow by 26% from 2014 to 2024.* Global spending on ultrasounds is projected to hit $6.86 billion by 2020.** As patients flood the market, experienced imaging professionals can learn what it takes to lead them to more informed care. By earning your sonography degree, you can advance your skills to flourish within this growing industry.

Potential Sonography Career Paths for Grads

Prepare to meet all the requirements of your dream diagnostic medical sonographer job description.

42% of ADU bachelor’s degree in sonography grads earn more than $75,000 annually. +

Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer
Median Salary: $70,696****

A bachelor's in sonography can prepare you to become a chief ultrasound technologist.

Become a specialist and work closely with cardiologists, performing echocardiograms and providing timely imaging results. At ADU, you can gain fresh insights into diagnostic imaging, study advanced sonographic specialties, and update your skills to help you excel.

Lead Sonographer
Median Salary: $73,193***

A bachelor's in sonography can prepare you to become a lead sonographer.

A lead sonographer keeps tabs on emerging policy and supervises the quality of staff work. To become one, learn management principles and study current trends to lead the next class of emerging sonographers.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
Median Salary: $68,970*

A bachelor's in sonography can prepare you to advance as a diagnostic medical sonographer.

Ranked #5 Best Healthcare Support Job by U.S. News & World Report in 2016. Sonographers are a critical part of patient diagnosis. Expanding your knowledge of advanced imaging modalities and learning time-saving techniques can help you excel as a professional in the digital environment.

A sonography student demonstrates new skills, guided by an ADU instructor.

“I decided that upgrading my credentials to a bachelor’s would give me the most options: teaching in a medical program, teaching in the public school system, applying to graduate school as a physician assistant or nurse practitioner, or moving out of clinical work into management within my current cardiology company.”

— Kathleen, online Bachelor’s in Diagnostic Medical Sonography graduate

How Can a Bachelor’s in Sonography Help You Advance?

Choose ADU and get more personal attention than typical online sonography programs. We’re geared to help your growth.

More than half of ADU bachelor’s in sonography grads used the degree to advance, secure a promotion, or change careers.+

“I definitely feel that this program has increased my career options. I am now applying to administrative positions — jobs that I didn’t think I would have had a chance at filling without this degree. I feel that I have more choices.” — Olga Parizher, online Bachelor’s in Diagnostic Medical Sonography graduate

Your experience makes you a valuable asset to sonography’s future. Now advance your skills to expand your impact as a leader in the field. How? At ADU, as a credentialed sonographer, you can earn your bachelor’s in sonography degree to help position your career for more success. With our ultrasound degree online, you can expand your knowledge:

Learn more about our online bachelor’s in sonography program and get expert direction on how to become a sonographer who’s ready to advance:

*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

**Ultrasound Market — Global Forecasts to 2020 report by Markets and Markets


+ADU Graduate Outcomes Survey (2013)