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The Growing Need for Nurses in the U.S.

Nursing is not a profession that is limited in growth and opportunities, especially the way it used to be a few decades ago. It has grown to become a multidisciplinary course with specializations that each has demands and rewards of its own. With a large number of nursing aspirants opting for other courses due to misinformation, there is now a growing demand for professionals in this field. An increasing population of citizens in need of health care and treatment for the elderly, aging of current RN workforce and technological advancements have all projected that the number of nurse job openings will reach its peak in the year 2022 with close to 1.05 million opportunities.

To learn more, checkout the following infographic created by the Adventist University of Health Sciences’ Online RN to BSN program.

The Growing Need for Nurses in the U.S.

There are not adequate nurses right now in the country, let alone healthcare centers and hospitals themselves. According to recent studies released by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), there are close to 5.6 million people employed in nursing related jobs, but only 4.1 million are working actively as nurses. This makes nursing the nation’s biggest health care profession and while it is still growing in terms of opportunities, the number of nursing professionals and students are not rising in tandem to meet the demand spurt.

Amazing Opportunities for Certified Nursing Assistants

When it’s about becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) you automatically enroll yourself into becoming a professional nurse who can practice in hospitals or private clinics. The total number of Certified Nursing Assistants working actively is more than 1.5 million in numbers. But by the year 2024, this figure will prove hardly sufficient to nurse the U.S population, since this job is projected to grow by 17%.

If you’re wondering what a CNA can earn on a per hour basis, it comes to top over $12. But with the rising demand, and a shortage of nurses to cater to these demands, this figure is expected to grow further. To become a CNA, you need to complete a state-approved program in nursing and obtain the course completion certificate. Once you do so, you can enroll yourself in any hospital or long term facility where your primary duty will be to provide health care to patients. The average salary figure for CNAs is around $25,000. Once you do gain experience in this field, you can either switch jobs to better-paying facilities or demand a bonus.

Better Opportunities for Registered Nurses

The community of Registered Nurses in the country houses a population of more than 3 million. Though having such a massive increase in numbers, nurses are starting to face demands that they cannot cater to because of rising need in almost every establishment related to health care. The number of job openings for Registered Nurses is set to increase by 16%, and the AACN confirms that the number of nursing students who have enrolled for a degree will hardly meet this requirement.

To be a registered nurse, you will need a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from any recognized university in the state. Once your course is complete, you can work in any hospital or health care facility with an average earning of $20 per hour. As a registered nurse, you will be required to educate the public and patients about health care and safety. It will also be your duty to provide emotional support and advice to patients who are long-term residents of any facility or medical program. The average salary that a registered nurse gets per year amounts to $ 66,000 annually.

Incredible Openings for Certified Nursing Midwives

With the baby boom generation of the U.S coming to age, the number of Nursing Midwives needed per health care institution is projected to jump up dramatically. While the current population of 10,000 CNMs is hardly able to do justice and preside over all births in the country as is required by them, the boom in population expected over the coming years is sure to be affected by the shortage of available CNMs.

A CNM requires a bachelors in nursing. Added specializations in health care, especially maternal care, are added advantages. A Nursing Midwife earns an average of $45 per hour according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A Nursing Midwife is required in all hospitals and birth centers during the time of birth, and must be available for prenatal and postpartum care. Besides these, Routine check-ups of pregnant patients, preconception care and family planning services are the duties of a Certified Nursing Midwife.

The average salary of a CNM per year amounts to the higher side of $90,000 and midwives who visit households at the time of birth can earn more.

Favorable Conditions for Nurse Anesthetics and Practitioners

Anesthesia and medical procedures that require them are becoming a growing trend in the U.S. With a lot of people opting to “Sleep ” while undergoing a surgical procedure, the demand for Nurse Anesthetics and Practitioners is also growing. With just 130,000 professionals in this field, and a population more than ten times this size requiring services from the health care industry the number of professionals available is hardly able to meet this demand. There is a projected rise of openings by 31% in this field by the year 2024.

Because there are very few Nurse Anesthetics and practitioners in the country, and as they are required for every procedure in which anesthesia is involved, hospitals and medical facilities are prepared to give close to $50 per hour. It makes this field the highest paying one in the nursing field. You will need a master’s degree in health care involving anesthetics to be an employable certified professional in this field. The duties of a Nurse Anesthetics and practitioner include administration of anesthesia, performing physical assessments of the patients and overseeing the recovery of the patient from Anesthesia. A person employed in this field of nursing gets a salary of over $100,000 per year and this makes it the most coveted nursing profession.

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