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4 Prospective Treatments and Solutions to Diabetes Management

Medical innovations make it easier for consumers living with diabetes to manage symptoms. Researchers hope to find a cure one day, but until then medical engineers continue to develop innovative tools that help consumers manage diabetes. Although consumers must remain vigilant, medical engineers create more resources and tools for managing diabetes every year. To avoid […]

3 Innovative Applications in Radiologic Technology

Heath engineering advancements have helped radiographers improve service delivery substantially over the last two decades. For instance, picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) now support digital viewing, enabling greatly increased productivity relative to traditional light boxes, films and scopes. PACS save hours spent hanging films, allowing technologists to spend more time evaluating patient diagnostics. Physicians […]

10 Career Opportunities Available with a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences

Upon completion of a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences, new technologists will find themselves capable of a host of different career paths and job types. From positions that involve large amounts of interaction with various constituent groups to positions that require focused technical expertise, nearly every type of individual could find a career path […]

10 Highly Regarded Technologically Advanced Hospitals Around the World

The 85 and over population is growing at an unprecedented rate, compelling care providers to expand services to manage one or more conditions for senior patients, who now enjoy the longest lifespans in history. [1] The amount of technology, knowledge and resources required the current patient caseload is astounding. Still, innovation manages to push the […]

10 TED Talks about Healthcare for Healthcare Administrators

The nonprofit organization TED promotes conferences, or talks, highlighting the most forward-thinking ideas in the world and brands itself as “the conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converge.” [1] Through, the organization shares new concepts with the world. These ten TED Talks represent a handful of remarkable insights into possibilities for the future of […]

15 Resources for Healthcare Leaders

The field of healthcare continues to evolve as new technologies emerge, breakthrough studies are made and new laws are passed. As a healthcare professional, it is important to stay informed of the issues and take part in the discussions that are shaping the field. A wealth of resources is available in the form of books, […]

10 Mobile Apps and Their Benefits for Healthcare Leaders

Mobile devices in healthcare environments have proven to be useful and innovative tools for many physicians, nurses, students and other professionals. According to the June 2012 Manhattan Research/Physician Channel Adoption Study, 87% of doctors use a smart phone or tablet device in the workplace. Fortunately for these healthcare professionals there are a good amount of […]