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Career Overview in Health Information Management

Health information management (HIM) specialists ensure that important medical data is available for care providers where and when they need it. [1] The technology experts also maintain the accuracy, security and privacy of patient data. HIM specialists keep healthcare organizations informed of the latest technological innovations. It is their responsibility to learn about emerging information […]

The Role of 3D Bioprinting in 2017

Image source: 3D bioprinting is revolutionizing healthcare. [1] The technology has existed since 1984. However, advancements in the field have recently garnered significant attention. 3D bioprinted medical devices are relatively inexpensive compared to devices that engineers construct using traditional methods, which has health professionals excited. The following are some innovations that 3D bioprinting technologies […]

6 Important Figures in U.S. Healthcare

Leaders possess long-term vision and inspire others to make positive changes. These individuals may lead bold startup firms, entire nations or even change the course of human history. In this spirit, the following leaders have made advancements, decisions, and contributions that have helped improve and revolutionize healthcare. Barack Obama In March 2010, President Barack Obama […]

Healthcare Administrator Career Tracks

As a field, the healthcare profession enjoys sizable growth. As America’s aging population requires more services, care providers must fill their ranks to meet demand and require administrators to oversee their expanding workforce. Healthcare administrators coordinate with peers in leading personnel and managing the resources required to deliver positive patient outcomes. Through the analysis of […]

The Benefits of Telehealth Delivery Methods for Healthcare Professionals

Telehealth technology allows organizations to provide medical services and wellness education to a broad population. The field encompasses a wide array of services delivered using remote communication. Some care providers use the terms ‘telemedicine’ and ‘telehealth’ interchangeably. However, as more disciplines adopt remote treatment technologies, the term ‘telehealth’ is growing in popularity among various fields […]

10 Healthcare Nonprofit Organizations Making a Difference

Nonprofit organizations play an important part in funding healthcare services for low-income consumers. The individuals who lead these nonprofits typically have roots in the community and focus on providing a safety net for addressing society’s most pressing health issues. Nonprofit organizations must conform to legal and ethical standards that require them to work toward improving […]

5 Advantages of Health Information Systems for Healthcare

From treatment formulation, to finance, population health, health information systems (HIS) reach throughout the healthcare spectrum and can offer healthcare organizations the business intelligence necessary to reshape our healthcare system, while allowing patients convenient access to their health information. Healthcare technology vendors now offer solutions that allow care providers to deliver highly customized treatment plans […]