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Career Outlook for Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Medical analysts predict that the global ultrasound field will generate nearly $10.5 billion each year by 2022. [1] Three-D and 4D imaging innovation, consumer demand for less invasive procedures and rising chronic conditions coalesce to spur growth in the field as investors and research endowments fuel research and development of new ultrasound technology. Diagnostic Medical […]

Safety Concerns for Sonographers

While ultrasound technology offers many benefits, sonographers must take precautions to reduce occupational injury. [1] For more than two decades, sonographers have safely used this technology, which is considered safer than radiation. However, as more sonographers enter the profession, health safety advocates raise concerns regarding work-related injury. In response to these concerns, the American Society […]

7 Skills and Traits Every Sonographer Needs

Sonographers produce critical diagnostic information for care providers across multiple specialty areas during ultrasound examinations which use high frequency sound waves. Sonographers use their knowledge of normal anatomy and pathology to adjust protocol and imaging technique to ensure the physician is given adequate information to make an accurate diagnosis. Sonographers should acquire certification in the […]

5 Specialty Areas for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

Nothing is more precious than a child’s first picture, which today will often consist of an image taken before birth. [1] While this diagnostic modality frequently offers the first glimpse of a long set of pictures saved for posterity, ultrasound examinations serve a critical purpose in evaluation of fetal anatomy and, in some cases, providing […]

Sonography and Patient Care: What Makes a Great Sonographer?

Sonography and Patient Care: What makes a great sonographer? Sonographers are required to have both technical competency as well as interpersonal skills that allow them to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of their patients. A vital part of a medical team, the sonographer plays an important role in giving high-quality care to the community […]

Medical Sonography: A job for the future of healthcare

Medical sonography is one of the fastest growing job fields in the healthcare profession, and demand for qualified technicians is expected to increase into the future. To learn more, checkout the infographic below created by Adventist University’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography Bachelors Program. An Overview of Medical Sonography Sonography is frequently called ultrasound imaging, and medical […]

The Future of Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine, also called genomic or precision medicine, uses the interaction between a person’s genetic makeup, their health profile, and the known disease risk to craft medicine tailor-made for that specific individual. Modern medicine is currently geared towards creating drugs and treatments that would work for the most number of patients. Personal medicine breaks the […]