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How a Degree in Medical Technology Can Propel Your Career

Medical technology careers are on the rise and demand for medical imaging professionals are projected to increase even further in the coming years. Choosing a course of study in radiologic technology is a strategic move and will allow entry into a growing field. With several diverse subcategories and a number of more finely tuned specialties […]

4 Ways Medical Imaging Can Save Lives Through Early Detection

As medical imaging technologies advance in performance and capability, their applications span an array of preventative and diagnostic procedures. Over the past decade, some studies estimate that the number of medical imaging procedures performed, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) scans, have increased by two to three times. Physicians use medical imaging […]

3 Innovative Applications in Radiologic Technology

Heath engineering advancements have helped radiographers improve service delivery substantially over the last two decades. For instance, picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) now support digital viewing, enabling greatly increased productivity relative to traditional light boxes, films and scopes. PACS save hours spent hanging films, allowing technologists to spend more time evaluating patient diagnostics. Physicians […]

Radiologic Technology: Reducing the Most Common Misdiagnoses

Radiologic technology helps physicians reduce errors due to delayed medical findings in patients and misdiagnoses. [1] However, misdiagnoses pose ongoing, problematic issues for care providers. The types of ailments that care providers miss or misdiagnoses have remained relatively constant over time. In part, they may include: Autoimmune diseases Cancers Cardiovascular diseases Infections Pulmonary embolisms In […]