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You want to learn from the best. At ADU, our expert faculty has decades of experience in both nursing and education. Their diverse specialties and practice backgrounds can serve as your sounding board throughout your online BSN. Their involvement in the nation’s leading nursing associations and advocacy groups informs their expansive perspectives that can help strengthen yours. The best part? Their commitment to evolving healthcare includes elevating nurses like you in a supportive online learning environment.

Dr. Roy Lukman is ADU's director of institutional effectiveness.

Dr. Roy Lukman

Dr. Roy Lukman joined Florida Hospital in 1983 as director of the employee assistance program. Since 1988, he has been the director of academic affairs for Florida Hospital’s Graduate Medical Education Department, as well as holding positions as the director of research and the associate director for behavioral medicine. In 2010, he joined Adventist University of Health Sciences as the director of institutional effectiveness.