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Lynn Rowe


Lynn Rowe has been an RN for 24 years and has worked for Florida Hospital in various roles. She received her BSN from Florida State University, her MSN from the University of Phoenix, and her Ph.D. from the University of Arizona. As for her clinical background, she was a staff nurse in cardiac PCU (3 […]

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Jennifer Clark


Jennifer Clark’s goal as a nursing faculty member is to encourage, stimulate, and support students in the pursuit of their professional nursing degree while instilling nurturing, excellence, spirituality, and stewardship. She graduated from Florida State University in 1996 with her nursing bachelor’s degree and from the University of Central Florida in 2003 with her nursing […]

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Dusanka Hristic

Online BSN instructor Dusanka Hristic has taught at ADU since 1998.

A faculty member at Adventist University of Health Sciences since 1998, Dusanka Hristic believes that her role as a nursing professor is to prepare registered nurses to provide holistic healthcare to individuals, families, and communities. She would like her students to have the opportunity to learn how to best care for the communities where they […]

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Dr. Lynelle Callender

Online BSN instructor Dr. Lynelle Callender coordinates Nursing Informatics and Leadership courses.

Dr. Lynelle Callender attended Loma Linda University in California where she earned a BSN with a minor in Psychology and a certification in Public Health Nursing. She attended the University of Tennessee, Knoxville where she earned a Master’s of Public Health Certificate in Public Health Leadership. She holds a Master’s in Nursing with an emphasis […]

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Linda Royer

Online BSN instructor Linda Royer leads improvements in nursing education through technology.

Linda Royer’s practice experience spans pediatrics, early days of ICU, and medical-surgical nursing in the hospital setting. Intersperse that with work in public health in the Washington suburbs of Maryland, home health in rural Virginia, academy nursing, and advice nursing for Kaiser Permanente. Add to that a stint at the American Nurses Foundation and another […]

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Dr. Rilla Taylor

Online BSN instructor Dr. Rilla Taylor has wide teaching and administrative experience.

Dr. Rilla Taylor’s background includes a wide variety of clinical experience in obstetrics/midwifery, tuberculosis, operating room/anesthesia, and medical-surgical nursing, including critical care. She held certification in critical care nursing (CCRN) for a 10-year period. Dr. Taylor has wide teaching and administrative experience, having directed the Kanye Hospital School of Nursing (RN and LPN programs) in […]

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Sample BSN News 3

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Sample BSN News 2

Fusce sed viverra sem. Curabitur tincidunt libero quis mi elementum iaculis eget ac lectus. Donec eu bibendum nisl, ac consectetur justo. Integer semper, erat et egestas fermentum, mi leo hendrerit lorem, ac ultrices tortor mauris ac ipsum. Mauris non suscipit lacus, quis placerat nunc. Morbi sit amet mattis erat, eu varius eros. Cras suscipit condimentum […]

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Sample BSN News 1

Orci varius natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Praesent eleifend, ex vitae iaculis pharetra, dui quam cursus justo, eget placerat nulla massa eget lectus. Donec viverra odio sit amet ex mattis, quis bibendum nisi fringilla. Suspendisse fringilla arcu vitae consectetur tincidunt. Aliquam metus quam, efficitur eu feugiat at, varius sit amet […]

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