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10 TED Talks about Healthcare for Healthcare Administrators

The nonprofit organization TED promotes conferences, or talks, highlighting the most forward-thinking ideas in the world and brands itself as “the conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converge.” [1] Through, the organization shares new concepts with the world. These ten TED Talks represent a handful of remarkable insights into possibilities for the future of health care.

TED Talk 1: Sue Desmond – A Smarter, More Precise Way to Think about Public Health

Sue Desmond serves as The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation CEO. The executive has engineered several breakthrough medicines, including two gene therapies targeting cancer. In her talk, the scientist urges physicians to commit resources to understanding illnesses, a concept she calls “Precision Public Health.”

TED Talk 2: Rebecca Onie – What If Our Health Care System Kept Us Healthy?

Health Roads founder Rebecca Onie leads a highly successful initiative that links low-income patients with community resources. The public health advocate operates the organization, which she formed while attending college, in several major cities in the United States. Onie explains how her group helps individuals reclaim health care access, despite socioeconomic circumstances.

TED Talk 3: Mary Bassett – Why Your Doctor Should Care about Social Justice

In this talk, New York City Health Commissioner Mary Bassett speaks out on how prejudice deters equitable health care and how medical professionals can promote institutional equality through civic participation. The official recounts her involvement in the African independence movement at a time when the region suffered from a severe AIDS epidemic and expresses how important it is for health professionals to speak out against social inequities.

TED Talk 4: Romina Libster – The Power of Herd Immunity

During her career, scientist and medical researcher Dr. Romina Libster has completed groundbreaking respiratory virus research. The researcher immerses listeners into an event that occurred early in her career, where an infant suffered from a devastating respiratory illness. Libster hypothesizes on how to improve community well-being in underserved environments and how health care organizations promote community wellness.

TED Talk 5: Amanda Bennett – We Need a Heroic Narrative for Death

During her enlightening TED Talk, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Amanda Bennett discusses hospice care. The Bloomberg News editor reflects on the challenges individuals face when managing terminal illnesses. She invests listeners in the talk with a heartfelt recount of her marriage and her mindset during her spouse’s decline and challenges medical professionals to ponder how an inevitable aspect of life – passing away – and human emotion fit into health care delivery.

TED Talk 6: Atul Gawande – How Do We Heal Medicine?

Bestselling author, Boston surgeon and Harvard Medical professor Atul Gawande is also a public health advocate and nonprofit chairman of Lifebox, a global surgery safety group. His talk covers his early career and challenges medical professionals to define their practice objectives.

TED Talk 7: Daniel Kraft – Medicine’s Future? There’s an App for That

Faculty chair for the Medicine and Exponential Medicine program Daniel Kraft divides his time between clinical work, research, innovation and invention. For two decades, the Harvard alumnus has practiced clinical medicine and biomedical research. He discusses the connection between technology and multiple disciplines, while expressing his desire for technological health care innovation.

TED Talk 8: Ernest Madu – World-class Health Care

Heart Institute founder Ernest Madu has helped revolutionize cardiovascular medicine in Kingston, Jamaica and plans to repeat the process in Nigeria. The nonprofit executive believes in quality health care for all individuals. He discusses the large disparity between health care network performance in developed and undeveloped regions and recommends education and technology as tools to bridge the divide.

TED Talk 9: John Wilbanks – Let’s Pool Our Medical Data

Kauffman Foundation and Lybba Research fellow John Wilbanks envisions a world where researchers share information to improve public health. He is working to construct a massive, free resource, or common, housing public health data. The scientist encourages individuals to stimulate medical advancement by sharing their information in a single genotype directory.

TED Talk 10: Eric Dishman – Health Care Should Be a Team Sport

Intel Corporation researcher Eric Dishman studies data to solve health problems. The global medical community recognizes Dishman as an advocate for health care reform through technology. The researcher addresses society’s need to embrace technology to revolutionize medicine. Dishman visualizes a radically revised health care system, where almost half of all patients receive care at home.

Why the Conversations Matter

Cutting-edge TED Talks have the power to stimulate innovative thinking among medical professionals around the world. [2] The speakers are among the most informed and passionate innovators in technology, health care and other disciplines. For medical professionals in search of fresh, innovative ideas –TED Talks are an ideal outlet for exploring new concepts.

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