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10 Mobile Apps and Their Benefits for Healthcare Leaders

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Mobile devices in healthcare environments have proven to be useful and innovative tools for many physicians, nurses, students and other professionals. According to the June 2012 Manhattan Research/Physician Channel Adoption Study, 87% of doctors use a smart phone or tablet device in the workplace.

Fortunately for these healthcare professionals there are a good amount of medical apps available to provide them assistance in their daily tasks. They are most often effective as point-of-care tools that physicians can use to quickly reference or research while seeing a patient. Some of the tasks these apps are designed to assist with are information and time management, health record maintenance, communication with colleagues, consulting with experts, education and training, patient monitoring and clinical decision making. [1]


From WedMD, the Medscape app is a resource for healthcare professionals providing the latest medical news, advances in medical literature, FDA regulation updates, reports from medical conferences from around the world and expert advice and guidance from a variety of medical specialties. Medscape also offers resources and reference tools such as:

  • Pill Identifier
  • Drug Reference
  • Disease & Condition Reference
  • Drug Interaction Checker
  • Medical Calculator
  • Procedure Reference
  • Formulary Information [2]


This clinical reference app brings a plethora of drug-related data to medical students, nurses and physicians. With up to date information on prescribing brand name, generic and OTC drugs, Epocrates boasts current and accurate safety, diagnostic and treatment information in a format that saves professionals time. You can also determine harmful drug interactions on up to 30 drugs at a time, identify pills by imprint and physical characteristics and access insurance drug coverage information. [3]


Doximity is a social networking site with over half a million U.S. healthcare professionals using it as their network. [3] Referred to as a “Facebook for doctors”, users who’s credentials have been verified are able to network with classmates, colleagues and employers and exchange patient-related information through text messages. Doximity is HIPAA compliant and allows for the sending and receiving of HIPAA-secure faxes from mobile devices. [4]

Electronic Preventive Services Selector (ePSS)

Available as both a web and mobile application, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services offers this service for free. Physicians and other healthcare professionals have access to decision support in screening, counseling and preventive services for their patients based on recommendations of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF). Patient characteristics such as age, sex, tobacco use and other risk factors can be used when searching for recommendations and clinical considerations. [5]

Heart Murmur Pro

The goal of this app is to help medical students and doctors with the difficult task of identifying heart murmurs. There are 23 heart sounds with descriptions of each and multiple available features such as diagnostic evaluations, treatment options and links to more information. [6]


AirStrip is designed to change healthcare delivery by connecting healthcare professionals with patients remotely. Its goal is to bring a higher quality of patient care, increase care collaboration from inpatient to outpatient care, reduced costs of delivery care through a mobile monitoring system that is easily and quickly accessible with a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. [7]

Calculate by QxMD

This app is a valuable medical reference with over 200 calculators and decision support tools in a variety of specialty areas such as cardiology, internal medicine, nephrology, emergency medicine, oncology, neurology, general surgery and more. Current research publications are converted into readily accessible tools. The abundance of references aid clinicians in reducing and predicting perioperative complications, guiding treatment, determining prognoses and calculating correct dosages. [8]

Daily Rounds for Doctors

Daily Rounds for Doctors is a special app for medical students and professionals providing a visual learning experience to keep everyone on top of their game. Real clinical cases from doctors from around the world are available as a way to learn and further study in a specialty and prepare for an examination such as USMLE, AIPGMEE, All India Medical PG Entrance Examinations and others. Clinicians are able to keep their skills sharp by determining the answers to cases in the “Rounds” and “Challenges” sections. [2]

Mobile MIM

This FDA approved free app gives imaging professionals the opportunity to view and X-rays and imaging scans away from their workstation. The MIM Cloud Assistant allows for storing and sharing images. With the MIM Viewer, images can be downloaded from the cloud and used for clinical reference with peers or board members and for discussing and interacting with patients. [4]

MedPage Today

MedPage Today is a platform bringing breaking medical news to healthcare professionals. Up to the minute information on over 30 medical specialties, clinical perspectives on new drugs, relevant podcasts and videos and coverage of annual meetings and symposia are all offered with this app.

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