Radiography School Requirements

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What you need to qualify for enrollment

Both associate degree and JRCERT-approved diploma or certificate graduates can be eligible for
admission with the following requirements:

  1. Hold current registration in Radiography, Radiologic Technology, Radiologic Sciences, or Nuclear Medicine Technology by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) or the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB).
  2. Achieve a minimum GPA of 2.50 with no grade below a 2.00.
  3. Submit two letters of recommendation; one of the two letters must be from a supervisor or faculty member.
  4. Submit official transcripts from all colleges/radiography programs.

*Students can be accepted into the BSRS program with a Bridge Status if they are registered by the
American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), have graduated from a certificate program or
have graduated from a JRCERT-approved Radiologic Technology program, but do not have an
associate degree from a regionally accredited institution. Call your Online Enrollment Specialist for
more information.

Diploma/Certificate Graduates

Applicants who do not possess an associate degree in Radiography or Nuclear Medicine Technology will be required to take an additional 27 credit hours of cognate courses with a minimum grade of a 2.00. It is recognized that applicants may transfer some credits from regionally accredited institutions, or have successfully challenged courses through a CLEP exam.

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43 Responses to “Radiography School Requirements”

  1. Emmett Sherrod III says:

    Dear Madam or Sir:

    I am currently on the waitlist for the Radiology Tech. program and came across your excellent website for an online Bachelors Degree in Radiography. My question is, although I have completed all of my required courses in order to be placed on the waitlist, I do not have an Associates Degree or a Diploma/Certificate in Radiology.

    I have approximately 48 or more completed college prereq’s that also include a few Radiology classes along with a 2.75GPA. With this in mind, will I be eligible to apply for your online Radiology Program?

    Thank you for your assistance

    Emmett Sherrod III

    • dbernard says:

      In order to qualify for our program, you must be registered with the ARRT or NMTCB. You can learn more about our requirements here.

  2. Katie RT(R) says:

    I graduated from a JRCERT hospital based xray program with a certificate because my program did not offer degrees, and I am registered with the ARRT. After I graduated I took classes on my own to get an Associates Degree. It is an Associates of Applied Science though, not in Radiology. Would I still have to the additional 27 extra hours just because I didn’t graduate from a radiology degree program?

    • dbernard says:

      An official transfer credit evaluation would need to be completed, and if you have taken some of those courses included in the 27 credit hours, you would not need to take them again. You can speak with an Enrollment Specialist in more detail about your current situation by calling 1-888-768-6276 and Pressing 2 when prompted.

  3. SO says:

    I am seeking an online bachelor program for radiology, I am registered ARRT tech with certification in radiologic science. On top of that, I have 3 years of undergraduate credits that I received from overseas studying. Is this program suitable for me?

    • dbernard says:

      Since you are registered with the ARRT, you may be eligible for our program. We also evaluate grade point average as well as recommendation letters from colleagues. You can speak with a Distance Enrollment Specialist about your specific qualifications by calling 1-888-768-6276, or they will be following up with you via email shortly.

    • mina says:

      hello my name is mina .I study overseas of united state .I understand that you study the same as me .I need some information .I want to register for ARRT .but they told me they don’t want accept my degree .they accept degree only from us .do you know is there any way that I can do they my degree? Please help me I need your information. thank you

  4. Eric Rodriguez says:

    I don’t have any radiological certifications, I do posses a Bachelor in Biology plus 12 hours of graduate biology classes. 3.5 GPA Can I apply to the program?

  5. Jay says:

    I have graduated from a JRCERT accredited program in Radiation Therapy and I am registered R.T.(T) by the ARRT. I also have my associates degree in science but not in Radiation Therapy. I was wondering if I would be able get into this program. Thank you

    • dbernard says:

      At this time, we do not accept Radiation Therapists into our program unless you are also a registered Rad Tech. If you have additional questions, or feel you may be eligible, you can call 1-888-768-6276 to speak with a distance enrollment specialist.

  6. David says:

    I’m trying to get in to the radiology program, but I do not possess a previous degree. Am I still eligible to apply with a highschool diploma?

    • dbernard says:

      Our BS in RS degree was designed specifically for the working professional who is already certified in radiography. The curriculum in the Radiologic Sciences degree is didactic in nature, and does not include the clinical component that is required in order to become a registered radiologic technologist. Our coursework focuses on leadership, management and critical thinking to help those with an Associate’s degree or diploma advance to management or teaching positions. This is why we require that applicants be registered with the ARRT or NMTCB prior to enrolling in our program. If you are interested in an entry-level program, you can visit the JRCERT website at to find an accredited program in your area. Best of luck!

  7. Carissa says:

    I graduated certificate program 10 years ago. I’m currently registered with the ARRT. I’m interested in going on to get my bachelors degree but not sure if I need to do extra credits to get my associates first. Also, I’m not sure what the difference is between a bachelors of science in radiology sciences and a bachelors in health sciences. I also work full time as a charge tech in Interventional Radiology so I would like to do online classes. Can you help me?

    • dbernard says:

      Thank you for your interest in our online BS in Radiologic Sciences degree. It sounds like you are a great candidate for our program. Since you are a graduate of a certificate program, all of the pre-requisites would need to be completed prior to starting the core radiography courses. We do, however, offer all of those classes online. In order to determine exactly how many courses you would need to take, we would need to review your transcripts. The main difference between a degree in Health Sciences and one in Radiologic Sciences is that our core courses are taught through the lense of medical imaging, while the health sciences degree may not incorporate your previous knowledge of radiography in the curriculum. You can view a breakdown of our required courses here:

  8. Manny says:

    Hi I’m registered in the:(ARMRI) American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists.
    Along with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Technology

    I would like to know if I’m eligible for your radiology program?

    If not why?

  9. Sandi says:

    I have always wanted to complete my bachelor degree. I have been an ARRT registered technologist for sixteen years. My GPA was around 3.4. Are my credits still current enough to continue my bachelor degree or do I need to start over again for many of the classes? This would make it a lot more expensive…

  10. Catherine says:

    I graduated from a certificate program over 30 years ago. I recently checked into my transcripts or some proof of my attendance, but it wasn’t to be found (the program is defunct, and the records that should be available at the hospital aren’t). Would I still be able to qualify for admission? I am a practicing technologist, with post-primary certification in CT, and qualified for a state license, in spite of the lack of records.


  11. mark says:

    Good afternoon,
    I am a nuclear med. student with about 9 months left. I am going to register for the arrt and nmtcb as well as license from the state of florida. I have a 4.0 at the moment, 2 questions, any scholarships offered? and ebven-though registered for arrt do you have to pass them before taking the classes. for example, im registered but have 2 more years left, will they still hold my place for arrt and nmtcb?


  12. KKinsey says:

    I would like to get into the Radiology field, but I have NO schooling or experience in the field. Would I be able to sign up for this course without having prior degrees/certificates and/or experience?

    • jrodriguez says:

      Unfortunately you don’t qualify for the online Radiology program. We require that you be registered in Radiography with either a certificate or an Associates degree and be registered with the ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists).

  13. Phong says:

    Im a radiographer from 2005 in vietnam. I dont know vietnamese certification that was accepted when i going to take part in your program. What is my condition for enrolling. Im living in vietnam now. Thanks !

  14. I am a RCS by CCI and have a basic x ray operator machine approved by state of florida dept of health -medical quality assurance. is this program suitable for me

    • jrodriguez says:

      We require that you be registered in Radiography with either a certificate or an Associates Degree and be registered with the ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists).

  15. RT1101 says:

    i have a 3.3gpa and am registered with arrt and FL DOH. wanting to get certified in ct or mr is this offered in this program or do u have a direct certificate program.

    • jrodriguez says:

      Within our Bachelor’s program you are able to select either a MR or CT track. The courses are designed to help you prepare to pass the registry exam with the ARRT. However, we do not provide or arrange the clinical hours for you; that is something you would have to setup on your own.

  16. Ismil Ewmi says:

    Is the University approved by Joint Commission,ARRT,and US University board? what is the estimated cost for a BS education spanning 2 years.


    • jrodriguez says:

      Adventist University of Health Sciences is regionally accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). A rough estimate for total cost is $22,500 plus books.

  17. Daniel says:

    If I’m understanding correctly the information I have read, the coure is comprised of 66 required courses, each of which is 3 sememster hours, and each semester hour is $340. Based on that the minimum coase of this degree is roughly (at a minumum) $67000, is this correct?

    • jrodriguez says:

      Hi Daniel, Generally, students with an AS Degree in Radiography from a regionally accredited college will need 20 classes (60 credits) to complete our degree. Also, if you have any of the classes in our curriculum they are eligible for transfer. Our current cost per credit hour is $340, we have a matriculation fee every semester of $290 plus textbooks. So, a rough estimate for total cost is $22,500 plus books.

  18. Lindsey Nelson says:

    I have an Associate’s in Science. I do wish to become an RT. I am not registered with the ARRT. Can you still apply and get accept into your program?

  19. Stephen says:

    i hold a bachelors degree in Maths and was checking if its possible to do the online BSC in radiolologic science

  20. jrodriguez says:

    Hi Glenda, Our requirements for our program is that you are ARRT registered in Radiography and have a GPA of a 2.5 or better. However, we do our own GPA calculations – and your 2.3 GPA is very close to our requirement. You may be eligible for our program once we do the calculation on our own. Thanks!

  21. magda says:

    I’ve completed a two year hospital based radiology program, I work as a X-ray tech already. I was thinking about getting my BA but my GPA is 2.3, is there any way I can retake some classes in order to qualify ?

    Thanks :)

    • Jennifer Gallard says:

      Yes, we would suggest you take some courses at a local community college to raise your gpa. However, i would suggest you talk to one of our advisors because they can tell you which courses to take, that way it can raise your gpa and also transfer in.

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