About ADU

Discover how your values fit into your healthcare career

Mission-Driven Experience

A patient’s needs go beyond medical attention. At ADU, we prepare healthcare professionals to cultivate broader cultural worldviews that help you better attend to your patients. Our faith-based courses help you explore how your values can positively impact your work in healthcare. We believe compassion is central to providing extraordinary care.

What Are Faith-Based Courses?

ADU helps you filter your courses through a faith-based lens that encourages positive progress in healthcare settings.

Some courses are dedicated to exploring how the customs and beliefs of different world religions alter your patients’ needs. Others are more healthcare focused with a faith-based component to show how your values fit into your care. The goal: To help you combine your skills and your mission to better serve your whole community.

We want you to know your views have value and your work can change lives. Our caring faculty acts as your mentors to help you advance your career. Additionally, ADU offers counselors and coaches to lean on for even more support.

Increase your awareness

Become a more attentive caregiver by studying world religions.

Merge your values

Explore how healthcare theories and concepts tie into your values.

Support your goals

Learn to confidently lead healthcare teams within your moral framework.

ADU is built on a rich tradition of successful care that incorporates the professional’s unique mission in the healthcare experience. It’s what sets us apart, and we extend our experience with providing exceptional care to you. Want to know more? Hear from our grads in the video below.

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